Filming Locations

Liverpool Waters has a fantastic array of filming opportunities whether it is urban, leisure, water, social, regeneration, large expanses of space or interiors.

Liverpool is an incredible city to film in and Peel enjoy a great relationship with The Liverpool Film Office, who have found nearly 100 unique, spectacular, historical and modern sites across the city. Peel own the land on which the majority of the 100 recognised film locations can be found.

Examples of these locations include the historic docklands of Clarence, Collingwood and Stanley Dock as well as the ever developing Princes Dock. The uniquely recognisable features of these locations such as the Clock Tower, the Tobacco Warehouse and the waterfront  setting are some of the reasons why major Hollywood and British blockbusters such as 'Fast and Furious', 'Harry Potter' and 'Sherlock Holmes'  have all used Peel locations. We also regularly accommodate requests for television series and adverts. Not only can Peel offer unique locations but we have vast amounts of land that can be used as secure crew base.

Liverpool Council’s Film Office is unique within the UK. Not only do they understand filming but also the intricacies of the City. Peel’s strong relationship with the Liverpool Film office means we have a greater understanding of the film industry and so therefore can be flexible with production companies, allowing filming to be carried out on site at short notice and reasonable prices.