Liverpool Waters

The ambitious 30-year vision for the Mersey Waters Enterprise Zone is one of the City Region’s most important regeneration and investment opportunities.  Through The Peel Group, it is also one of the largest single-ownership port-city development schemes in Europe and its delivery is possible without complex and time consuming land assembly negotiations.  Liverpool Waters is one part of the wider ‘Atlantic Gateway’ project, which includes over 50 contributory projects to be delivered over many decades.

The project will comprehensively transform the city’s northern docks, regenerating a 60-hectare stretch to create a world-class, high-quality, mixed-use waterfront quarter in central Liverpool. Together with Wirral Waters on the west bank of the Mersey, and although being delivered over a 30-year period, the project will have a significant beneficial impact upon the structure and economy of the City Centre and wider region. Liverpool Waters will contribute substantially to the growth and development of the City Centre, and infrastructure improvements will allow ease of movement and strong connections between the northern end of Liverpool Waters, its hinterland, and the City Centre.  It will transform the City Centre and North Liverpool, providing much needed opportunities for jobs, training and skills development. It will be strongly connected with the existing waterfront, and add vitality to the under-used water spaces north of the current populated dock complexes. 

The gravity of adding Liverpool Waters to the city’s existing waterfront offer will see Liverpool competing with the likes of Hamburg, Boston, Toronto and Barcelona in terms of the scale and diversity of its waterfront offer and associated economy.  The recent approval of Liverpool’s bid to become a turnaround point for international cruise liners is the next chapter in the close relationship between public and private sector partners working together to deliver a seamless integration of waterfront assets to continue its remarkable transformation.

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